Delta Force

Delta Force provides a high performance, metal safe product to remove fats, oils and proteins from food industry plant and equipment without the need for chlorine. Contains A sophisticated surfactant system along with calcium dissolving sequestrates to provide an all-round clean.




This product can be applied using a foaming gun, by soak cleaning or as a manual detergent. It’s safe to use on aluminum and other soft metals. This product should be used at a dilution of 2%-5% v/v when using a trolley foamer, Hydro-foamer or centralized foaming system. It is recommended that the product be foamed onto pre-rinsed surfaces and have a dwell time on the surface of 5-10 minutes and then rinsed off with potable water. Heavily soiled areas will require some mechanical action through hand scrubbing or a pressure washer.




As a foam detergent, DELTA FORCE provides results equivalent to chlorinated caustic detergents without the risk of damage to plant and equipment. Because it is powerful yet safe DELTA FORCE can replace GP detergents, degreasers and heavy duty foam cleaners.




  • Concentrated, multi-purpose.
  • Soft Metal Safe.
  • DELTA FORCE is made in accordance with HACCP and GMP guidelines




  • A very economical product replaces multiple products.
  • Can be used on aluminum and galvanized surfaces.
  • DELTA FORCE is suitable for use in all Australian food manufacturing plants.