Oilex Absorbs Oil

OILEX can bind oil or a liquid similar to oil in a matter of seconds owing to its extraordinary product properties. Oilex is easy to handle, very versatile and even more efficient than other binders. OILEX is a pure ecological natural fibre without any artificial additives. The mixture of natural and absorbed oil, after application, can be cleaned from standard waste in small quantities without any hassle.


It is then irrelevant whether the material is used in water, on land or on the roads. Solution of your problem – spilled oil – is guaranteed.


OILEX is certified for all 3 categories


For use on large (and flowing) water bodies.

For general use on land and smaller water bodies.

For special cases, especially for use in trade and industry.


The mark “R” indicates the guarantee of the road surface grip which is immediately restored – immediately after the use on road traffic. OILEX use is officially examined by the Material testing agency NRW [North Rhein Westphalia] and is certified to be medically harmless by the Institute for Environmental Hygiene and Toxicology.


Oilex is extremely lightweight


In terms of effectiveness, Oilex is a true heavyweight. With just 7kg per 50 liters (140 grams per liter) it is also especially light. This makes handling and disposal extremely efficient and transport is trouble-free. Even strong winds have little effect on Oilex, because the fibers react immediately when they come into contact with the surface from which the substances need to be absorbed. Moreover, the fibers stick to the substance and do not blow away.


Performance in wet conditions


As water flushes pollutants onto surfaces, the effects of Oilex are even better when used on wet surfaces. Oilex works in a hydrophobic manner absorbs no water and can be used on any surface whatsoever. Within a matter of seconds, it absorbs contaminants and seals them in under pressure.


For water bodies contaminated with oil, oil stains on roads, petrol leak on filling stations, oil leakage when in operation – handling oil has become a serious problem. It is good to have a fall back option of a reliable oil absorbing agent for all the contaminations related to oil or similar substances.OILEX is your best overall solution. Furthermore, it is organic and hassle-free and hence very easy to use for cleaning. Take out a few minutes for a ubiquitous involuntary environmental problem. The fascinating properties offered by Oilex would enthrall you.


OILEX application is very simple and does not require any preparatory training measures. OILEX must be sprinkled onto the contaminated area and must then be gathered or washed off with water.


For whom does OILEX work as a problem fixer?


  • Airport and ports
  • Refineries, oil companies, petrol stations
  • Automobile repair and service centers
  • Chemical industries and color manufacturers
  • Police stations, fire departments, armed forces, coastguard station and navy
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Trade and large-scale industry
  • Automobile industry; racing stable and parking lots
  • Shipping companies, haulage companies, logistic and bus companies
  • Autobahn maintenance offices and local building yards
  • Professional cleaning firms, reconstruction companies and disposal services
  • District water agencies
  • Workman and private house-hold