White Touch Whitening Products

White Touch Beauty Products

White Touch Whitening Beauty Products made by pure organic ingredients included Avocado extract and goat milk. Regular use of these products keeps your skin soft, radiant, fairer and younger. All of our products are perfect for all types of climate and skins. These products will give you unbelievable results.


We BET! others will notice fairness, tightness and shines on your face.


All of our products are approved by PCSIR and first ever Halal cosmetics products In Pakistan


White Touch Whitening Cream

Removes Acne & pimples and prevents future breakouts, keeps your skin soft and radiant. It moisturizes your skin and acts as a natural sunscreen protecting your skin from UV sun rays. Avocado and Goat milk are main ingredients of our whitening cream which rejuvenate dead cells naturally and acts as an anti-steroid, making your skin softer and visibly younger. Look fairer and feel more beautiful than ever!



White Touch Whitening Face Wash

Daily use of White Touch Whitening Face Wash cleanses and rejuvenate your skin, protects from impurities giving your skin an even complexion. You can use it in morning and evening for a reasonably clearer, brighter and glowing skin.



White Touch Whitening Beauty Soap

Our whitening soap specially formulated with fruit extracts helps to cleanse the skin thoroughly while offering continues moisture protection. Maintaining the skins natural moisture balance, easing inflammation and irritation. Vitamin E moisturizes and helps to leave the skin feeling smooth and slowing down the formation of premature wrinkles and easing rough skin. Reveal skin that naturally smooth, clean and clear.


White Touch Beauty Soap

White Touch Whitening Serum

Comming soon!